Fabulous Pics Of Abortion Verses In the Bible

1000 images about Feminism Can t believe we are still
1000 images about Feminism Can t believe we are still source www.pinterest.com

bible verses about abortion all references are there explicit bible verses about while the bible doesn t call " " per se there most certainly are bible verses that address this murderous procedure see proof abortion is murder 12 verses about abortion what does the bible say pro the bible speaks often of the value of life and should guide you in your opinion on let these verses inspire you about how valuable you are in the sight of the e who made you and gave you life abortion ten bible reasons why it is wrong prior to the roe vs wade supreme court decision of 1973 about 500 000 illegal s were occurring per year by 1975 over 1 000 000 babies were being aborted in the united states bible verses king james bible bible verses about a healthy marriage bible verses about a husband bible verses about a man bible verses about a man working bible verses about a mans character what god says about abortion verses pro life what god says about abortion verses pro life by glen a stocker glen stocker is pastor of bible believers baptist church an independent bible believing kjv church bible verses proving that life begins before birth editor’s note please visit our home page for a full listing of facts abortion has slowly crept into the world of religion promoted as both a biblically backed and logically moral act abortion abortion is the taking of life it has be e an industry a solution an excuse to avoid responsibility but there is healing which can be found in jesus the great forgiver the one who loves our souls and heals our wounds .

What The Bible Says About Abortion

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